Company Profile

ENERGOSTAL EUROPE team, thanks to its many years’ experience and competence, powerful scientific, technical and production potential, ability to solve complex production and technological problems, offers its customers a comprehensive approach to the work – from the development of the latest technical solutions and a full package of engineering services to the delivery and introduction of first-class technology and equipment on a turn-key basis.

Our company is a recognized professional in the following competencies (industries) of the global industry:

Mining and metallurgical industry:

  • Mining and processing mills;
  • Sintering production;
  • Blast-furnace practice;
  • Steel-making;
  • Rolling;
  • Construction of electro-metallurgical mini-factories;
  • Ferroalloy production;
  • Systems of gas purification and degassing;
  • Water-processing and water-purification systems;
  • Lime-calcination production;
  • Oxygen-charging stations and air separation;
  • Automation of production;
  • Department of ferroalloys and bulk materials preparation;
  • Transportation and storage of bulk materials.

Machine-building industry:

  • Repair and modernization of equipment stocks;
  • Equipment for heat treatment of products;
  • Development of technological maps.

Ecology and energy saving:

  • Air pool protection;
  • Water basin protection;
  • Enhancing fuel and energy efficiency of enterprises;
  • Industrial waste utilization;
  • Installations for the deactivation of chemical pesticides.


Experience in project management and the pursuit of the latest technologies are key advantages for ensuring the highest standards and requirements for our customers.
ENERGOSTAL EUROPE company is the supplier of a full range of engineering services and equipment throughout the entire production cycle, from the development of raw materials to the production of the finished product.
We strive to meet ever-increasing needs and solve the emerging problems of our customers by providing world-class technological solutions with the highest quality of production.