Energy efficiency of the enterprise

The world trend of the metallurgical business suggests that the key to success is the ongoing improvements in the company’s energy efficiency.

In order to increase energy efficiency, ENERGOSTAL EUROPE offers its Customers to conduct an energy monitoring, identify large consumers of fuel and energy resources, determine the efficiency of using secondary energy resources, develop a list of energy-saving measures for the main production processes and units, as well as assess their effectiveness, incorporate these activities into the energy saving program of the enterprise, or, failing that, to develop such a program and, most importantly, to implement the developed energy-saving operations.
ENERGOSTAL EUROPE is ready to offer “total cycle” services (from development to implementation) to increase the energy efficiency at machine-building, iron and steel enterprises and in utilities, as well as to implement the following technological developments:

  • Systems for collecting, purification and preparation of secondary combustible gases (blast furnace, coke oven, converter) for their use in gas turbine plants of combined cycle and energy generation;
  • Energy generation with the help of top-pressure recovery turbine (TPRT) while blast furnaces working with increased pressure (0.16-0.19 mPa) of blast furnace gas at the top;
  • Recirculation of sintering gases, as well as hot air from the cooler into the ignition furnace of the sinter machine;
  • Modernization and reconstruction of thermal and heating equipment in order to save fuel and energy resources;
  • Introduction of evaporative cooling systems (ECS) for blast-furnace, Martin furnaces and heating furnaces and use of produced condensate;
  • Systems of technological gases collecting and cooling of oxygen converters;
  • Replacement of Martin steel melting method for oxygen-converter method with the introduction of continuous casting of steel and decommissioning of the blooming workshops;
  • Transfer rolling mills to low-temperature rolling;
  • Reduction of natural gas consumption by transferring fuel (heating and thermal) furnaces from gas heating to electric resistance heating;
  • Software for calculating energy intensity and analyzing the causes of changes in energy costs for the production of marketable products.


Mining and metals sector

The world market of mining and metal industry faces with growing energy costs and complex competitive conditions every year. Therefore, ENERGOSTAL EUROPE pays special attention to the problems of our Customers in the steel industry, ranging from individual design with the use of modern equipment and sophisticated automation technologies to construction and commissioning with required follow-up Customers support towards improving productivity and quality.

ENERGOSTAL EUROPE Company is a recognized expert in the following bounds of the ore mining and-smelting cycle:

  • Mining and processing mills;
  • Sintering production;
  • Blast-furnace process;
  • Steel-making;
  • Rolling;
  • Construction of electrometallurgical mini-factories;
  • Ferroalloy production;
  • Systems of gas purification and degasing;
  • Water-processing and water-purification systems;
  • Lime-calcination production;
  • Oxygen-charging station and air separation;
  • Automation of production;
  • Department ferroalloys and bulk materials preparation;
  • Transportation and storage of bulk materials;

Machine-building complex

ENERGOSTAL EUROPE team, thanks to the long practical experience and wide range of its own developments and technologies, offers cooperation to the enterprises of the global machine-building market in the following areas:

Technical documentation development and industrial processes organization:

  • Micro-metallurgical production to issue low-tonnage lots of metal products;
  • Technologies and equipment for heat treatment of products;
  • Cooling systems elements of metallurgical units;
  • Modernization and repair of existing machine pools;
  • Complex deliveries of new modern metal-working machinery c CNC;
  • Press-forging equipment;
  • Plasma, laser and gas-oxygen cutting machines with CNC;
  • Complex technological lines;

Today, when the technology of machine-building production is growing rapidly, the team of specialists of ENERGOSTAL EUROPE is always in the trend of the latest developments and seeks to provide for our Customers a FULL RANGE OF SERVICES:

  • Solution of non-standard and complex technology issues.
  • Proposal of optimal solutions for Your production.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Training of your technical staff.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Selection and delivery of components and consumables.
  • Machine-tool retrofit for new production tasks.
  • Service maintenance.
  • Operational and qualified support in all phases of co-operation.


In the field of ecology, at all stages of the steelmaking process, ENERGOSTAL EUROPE offers a wide range of its solutions for energy efficiency improvements, resource conservation and protection of water and air pools of mining and smelting enterprises.

The priority task of our company is: labor saving, optimizing of energy and raw materials consumption, application of advanced technological recycling processes, reducing all emissions to strict environmental standards.

ENERGOSTAL EUROPE is a comprehensive professional supplier of technological solutions for the creation and modernization of gas purification and dust removal systems. Our package of proposals includes:

  • Gas down-takes, reburning, cooling and primary dedusting of process gases from furnace;
  • Capturing fugitive emissions from electrical furnaces via efficient roof cowl;
  • Bag filters with pulse regeneration of various capacities;
  • Systems for collecting, removing and pelletizing of the dust trapped in the bag filters;
  • Gas removal systems for the furnace-ladle installation, connected to the general gas purification of the electric furnace;
  • Removal of blast-furnace gases;
  • Automation of technological processes, providing automatic control and management of the entire gas purification and dust removal system.

Filters produced in our company, in terms of their performance characteristics are up-to-date with the best world analogues, and by some indicators even surpass them. The main filter parts and units are unified and interchangeable, that enables completing bag filters of various capacities. Filter performance is fully automated. The mass dust concentration in the cleaned gas at the outlet of the filter is not more than 0.02 g / m3, the coefficient of performance is 99.5%, the permissible temperature of the cleaned gas is not more than 240 ° C.

Based on our experience and solid understanding of the water supply systems and turnover cycles, company ENERGOSTAL EUROPE aims at reducing water consumption and reducing discharges of sewage into the environment.

For metallurgical enterprises we offer the following custom engineering

  • Creation of in-plant recycling with maximum use of water in circulation, minimal withdrawal of water from the system, its discharge into the reservoir and minimal consumption of fresh water from external sources;
  • Ensuring the required quality of water sent to consumers, through the introduction of new technologies for water treatment and new treatment facilities;
  • Achieving the level of wastewater treatment that meets modern water quality standards in reservoirs and established maximum permissible emission limits;
  • Facilities for sewage water treatment from mechanical impurities and oils using intensive sedimentation, filtration, flotation methods;
  • Stabilization water treatment in recycling cycles of metallurgical industries, including electro stabilization treatment;
  • Waste water treatment of pickling devisions of cold-rolling workshops;
  • Purification of highly concentrated oil-emulsion and oil-containing waste waters with oils regeneration for reuse.