Sintering production

Being one of the leading suppliers of sintering solutions, ENERGOSTAL EUROPE, thanks to its knowledge and experience in sintering technologies, will ensure a high and stable quality of the agglomerate.
ENERGOSTAL EUROPE developing project documentation that provides the construction of new and reconstruction of existing sinter plants in order to obtain the required productivity, agglomerate of high quality and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, including:

  • Preparation of sintering mixture with averaging of materials by granulometric composition, by weight batching (reduction of fuel consumption, coke consumption while producing cast iron);
  • Sintering of agglomerate in the high layer, its cooling, crushing, sorting, ensuring an increase in combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and dust loss from the layer;
  • Processing of sinter with crushing, cooling on ring or linear coolers, multiple screening;
  • Localization of dust emissions during overloading and processing of raw materials with cleaning in bag filters, weigh batching with automatic regulation of burden materials, which due to stability in basicity and chemical composition allows to increase productivity, reduce costs of agglomerate solid fuel;
  • The use of pre-prepared burden materials, which allows to reduce the consumption of coke by 2-3% and increase the productivity of the blast furnace;
  • Reduction of dust concentration in the filtered flue gases from 50 to 20 mg / Nm3;
  • Сreation and commissioning of systems for cleaning sintering gases from dust and sulfur compounds – reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide by 90% and dust to values corresponding to world standards;
  • We are developing feasibility studies for the construction of new, reconstruction of existing, outdated agglomeration factories in steel companies;
  • Сonstruction of new sintering workshops is carried out using existing production sites without losses for production.


In the field of steelmaking production, ENERGOSTAL EUROPE offers its Customers optimal technological solutions, which ensure the smooth running of production, increasing the productivity and quality of metal with full respect for environmental standards.
Our experience and competence allow us to offer our Customers the development of individual project documentation, and we also perform and supply all the technological and auxiliary equipment that provides creation of new and reconstruction of existing steelmaking operations, including:

  • Electric steel smelting shops with electric furnaces from 25 tons to 200 tons;
  • Converter workshops equipped with converters with capacity from 50 tons to 350 tons with modern gas exhaust ducts;
  • Sections of secondary liquid steelmaking in the “ladle furnace” and vacuum units (chamber, batch and circulating);
  • Departments of continuous steel casting with machines for continuous casting of blanks (CCM), including varietal CCM with the number of streams from 3 to 8;
  • Introduction of modern technologies of steel smelting of a wide brand assortment;
  • Installation of electric arc furnaces of large unit capacity, with a melting time of 30-35 minutes;
  • Use of technology for preheating scrap with process gases;
  • Equipping the gas exhaust ducts of converters with high-efficiency converter gas coolers (GC) with a gas purification system;
  • Increase in the capacity of converters for highly effective waste gas purification, use of waste gas heat, partial or complete reburning of carbon monoxide, utilization of converter gas during operation “without reburning”;
  • Application of modern cooling systems for furnaces;
  • Creation of circulation water supply systems;
  • Application of combined blowing in the converter;
  • Use of hot metal desulfurization technology;
  • The use of industrial waste as slag-forming and additional materials (pelletization of dust from gas cleaning in briquettes and addition of briquettes in burden materials);
  • Use of modern two-level automated system;
  • Use of single-, two- and four-thread pinch rolls for feeding the flux-cored wire into the metal melt, equipped with alternating-current motors with rpm control;
  • The complex design of new, reconstructed and technically re-equipped gas cleaning systems for process units with the installation of bag filters that reduce emissions into the atmosphere to the standard indicators.

Rolling production

Technologies in the rolling industry from ENERGOSTAL EUROPE are designed for maximum performance, high reliability of all components of rolling equipment and control system, which gives a full guarantee of compliance with the expectations of our Customers.

We develop project documentation, we provide a construction of new and reconstruction of existing rolling mills using modern technologies of hot and cold rolling, including:

  • Fine-grained, medium-grade, large-section, thick-sheeted, wired, incl. with heat treatment of milled products in the process stream;
  • Rail and structural steel mill;
  • Wide-strip rolling mill;
  • For the production of electric-welded tubes, molded sections, metal wares, section bars of wide assortment with low-tonnage lots, incl. profiles of increased production readiness;
  • Manufacture of coated rolled products, incl. sherardizing;
  • Rolling continuously cast billets directly from the continuous casting machine -use of “slinging process”, small-sized blocks, systems for continuous monitoring of sizes and shapes of the finished section;
  • Equipping mills with energy-efficient cooling systems, incl. fully closed, recirculating water supply systems;
  • Equipping with modern highly efficient control and automation systems;
  • Use of modern electrical equipment, including systems for frequency control of rotation velocity using automated-design system of technological processes;
  • Maximum combination of rolling mill with CCM.

Technologies and equipment for the production of billets and slabs:

  • Technologies and equipment for the production of transport metal (high-strength railway rails, backups and other types of rail fastenings);
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of rails of increased operational stability for operation in particularly difficult conditions;
  • The technology of rails hardening using the heating of HDTV and rolling heat;
  • Technologies and equipment for thermomechanical treatment of sectional and sheet products in the stream of mills;
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of cold-deformed sections and wire in rolling fibers;
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of molded sections of milled products for a wide range of consumer use, incl. perforated;
  • Technologies and equipment for the production of elastic sections;
  • Technologies and equipment for heat treatment of steel rolled balls with a diameter of 30-120 m;
  • Production technology of special types of bar sections and flat products with wavy surface and a high-capacity production readiness.

Blast-furnace based steel production

ENERGOSTAL EUROPE in blast-furnace production has experience in applying technologies that meet the highest requirements of quality, environmental friendliness, reliability, and productivity. We offer our Customers the development of project documentation, the supply of technological equipment, providing the creation of new and reconstruction of existing blast-furnace shops and furnaces of the required productivity, including the following items.

Blast furnace with top charging equipment:

Designing new blast-furnace cooling systems with control and measuring instruments and automatic controls, automated technological process control systems using one of the cooling methods:

  • With chemically treated water in a closed circuit;
  • With evaporative cooling system;
  • With technical water;
  • With combined cooling system for different parts of the blast furnace: With chemically treated water together with industrial water, evaporative cooling with industrial water (or chemically pure water), etc .;
  • Equipment of the top blast device with bell-less tops and suppression of emissions by nitrogen while loading the furnace.

Sand beds:

  • Designing of sand beds of blast furnaces of round and traditional rectangular shape;
  • Installation of gutters for cast iron and slag disposal, which allows the use of modern highly resistant refractory materials, modern hydraulic equipment for gutters, fully mechanize all the mining operations;
  • Application of highly efficient dust-exhaust systems with installation of both tissue and electric air filters;
  • Equipment of sand beds with slag granulation facilities.

Charge-conveying system and support systems:

  • Designing of modern сharge-conveying systems with placement of burden material in confined spaces of operating blast furnaces, which allow using cold agglomerate as well as hot (up to 800 ° C) with emissions aspiration to air and utilization of iron-bearing waste; Batch routing is accomplished via both furnace carriage and conveyor transport;
  • Installation of new modern high-temperature air heaters with stations for gas heating and air combustion;
  • Designing and installation of new highly efficient systems for gas purification of blast furnace using gas recycling compressionless turbines for electricity production;
  • Designing of installations for deep hot metal desulfurization using any reagents or installation of ” wire feeding machines” with harmful emissions aspiration;
  • Designing of complexes of dispensing machines and pig storage yards;
  • Designing of forced ventilation systems and air conditioning;
  • Execution of chemical treatment water projects to ensure efficient cooling of blast furnaces;
  • Development of power supply plans and electric lighting projects for a network of blast furnaces;
  • Project development of installations for preparation and pulverized coal injection (PUT) into blast furnaces.

Ferroalloy production

Innovative approaches to the design and construction of ferroalloy plants, to the reconstruction of existing industries, fully correspond to the areas of technology upgrading at the world-class enterprises of ferroalloy industry, taking into account compliance with international ecological frameworks, reducing emissions from ore preparation of raw materials and ferroalloy smelting, effective use of energy resources and utilization of industrial waste (dust , slimes, slags and others).

A professional team of ENERGOSTAL EUROPE for ferroalloy production offers its Customers an individual comprehensive approach, starting with the development or improvement of production technologies, designing, the supply of a complete set of equipment, installation and pre-commissioning activities, warranty and post-warranty service.

We ensure the creation of new and reconstruction of existing ferroalloy industries; plants, workshops and particular areas for production of a wide range (more than 200 items) of ferroalloys: siliceous, chrome, manganese, complex ligatures with titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and other elements, with technology adaptation of ore-smelting electrothermy, refining processes in electric furnaces, vacuum methods, nitrogen hardening, metallothermy, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy, mixing of liquid-molten melts, etc.

When developing technologies, it is ensured:

  • Capacity of installed electric furnaces from 1,5 to 75 MVA and more;
  • Creation of new ferroalloy types that are not produced in this region;
  • Organization of production of scarce ferroalloys, ligatures, etc .;
  • Equipping of ferroalloy furnaces with high-efficiency gas-cleaning installations providing regulatory emissions;
  • Implementation of a full closed-circuit recycling water supply system;
  • Release of the fractionated finished product;
  • Extensive use of “liquid-molten” ferroalloy slags;
  • Use of Ferro-alloy gas for to generate electricity and steam.

Installation of modern ferroalloy electric furnaces with a capacity of up to 75 MVA with sealed low umbrellas, a symmetrical short network, the use of “flame-liquid” remanufactured alloys and gas cleaning with bag filters with pulse regeneration provide energy savings of 3-5%, an increase in productivity of up to 25%.

Preparation of finished ferroalloys in a fractionated form raises the production profitability to 40%.